Melodies in the Key of “X”


Hello, all.

Interesting article I picked-up, on how horror music can sound completely bright and happy when played in a different key.

If you remember, there’s “major” and “minor” modes which is the difference between full, well-rounded notes and then something that sounds “a bit more gloomy”. Oftentimes, this is just a matter of playing the song “one step down” (– or up) which gets into those “sharps and flats”. The pattern of notes is the same, only transposed– which leads to a completely different emotional effect.

So how about horror music?

As the following article explains– well, you’ll just have to see for yourselves.

Vive la difference!

The article is here, so listen to the contrasts. I’m certainly no music-major myself, but the effect will become immediately obvious.

Melodies in the Key of “X”

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