Human Fly


“Human Fly”, here.

Or at least referring to a tuneful rockabilly slouch into immorality, sonic irritation, and mortal decay as the kind of groovy cross-over hit befitting, sure– of both Lydia’s gothic doom and “the will to party” with Beetlejuice.

Oh, I’m “so hip”. Tragically, so– and reminding you of just about the funniest scene in the first movie when the camera took on the point-of-view of a house-fly buzzing over the model of the small-town like jazzy swing with perking trumpets and fun-house morbidity as it hopped it’s way across the graveyard with a rustle and got eaten by Beetlejuice.

Genuinely obscene but hilarious as we must pay tribute to the idea–

A storm of flies, to “The Cramps” song– an interlude like a music video for surreal Claymation imagery brought to you by Tim Burton. Whirling ghosts, graveyards, the aether of misting space and far-out galaxies as Lydia’s soul takes off through a dreamy hallucination.

Caught in a dimensional cross-wind, the more Beetlejuice manifests himself in earthly realms, the more ghostly Lydia becomes over the threshold of no return. An eerie trade-off as Beetlejuice loses his magic powers and has to make his way through the world while Lydia becomes even more “strange & unusual” with psychic and paranormal gifts

Not just an ordinary plot-device, but you’ll see how it manifests.

Just something to chew-on, as what’s the blogosphere for? Rottingly yours, our friend in cyberspace as I leave you to ponder upon the possibilities– as this could be a great movie.

A toast, SKOL! Back again, later.

Human Fly

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