Bjork Speaks!

This video of a poetic Icelandic girl, actuall a popular singer– puts those latter times in perspective somewhere right between the fall of Communism and the release of digital technology in which the world all of a sudden got “way bigger” and more chaotic. So there was that brief period, and historians won’t even know what to make of it for a long time.

Anyway this girl reminds me of Winona in various incarnations with the hair and the suspenders for something kooky, daffy, and achingly cute. You think how the youth was suspended between titanic superpowers of aged old cold warriors and how the young carried on under the shadow of cold warriors– until everything flew loose, and the young took over with no structure– leading to the chaotic facebook paradise we have, today.

It’s interesting because we’re all free to make our own decisions with broadened digital avenues and every man a king of his own Twitterverse as times are strange– but no stranger, maybe– than before.

I remember Nintendo cartridges and cheesy press-on nails commercials as the world was slow and we survived, miraculously enough.

I would tell her not to accidentally electrocute herself as I’m not really sure what she’s getting at in this interview. Interesting time-capsule, though and the question is how to bring back Beetlejuice to appeal to the old world of 1988 and then recent developments as progress continues.

Keep an open mind, Winona Forever, and salutations until we’re back again. See you soon. . . . .

Bjork Speaks!

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