Madly Mental

Hey, Beetlejuice fans. With a touch of madness and mania that afflicts “the screenwriter type”, I kid you about the brew that goes into this blog of limitless ways to spin-off from topic to topic in the world of ghostly horror/comedies from 1988.

Getting a better following– and “language of the mad”, if I don’t feel as if I’m making some progress. So how about that?

Beetlejuice is one of those old VHS movies you’d curl-away, with in a hole-in-the-wall apartment complex of dim humidity and zany company, through all midnight hours like something to do on a Friday night. I’m not saying that this film is at the forefront of all media excitement, but exists back in that place called “the long tail” like a niche product for some pretty out-there people.

And I recently read this article about the mentally-ill, say elsewhere off in barren locales as it’s interesting– how crazy people can be the most homey and welcoming of strange lives like acquiarium crud and far-out ideas.

The article is here:

A strange movie for stranger people as the one thing you notice is those odd littler corners of existenace that bring in the greatest laughter of common recognition. No one who writes for Beetlejuice can be “terribly balanced” but far-out mental states can drive that bulkwark of locomotive-like activity.

Maybe, time for leisure– good for the festering mind– to otherwise, “think outside of the box” as then again, you have to be crazy to believe in yourself. Hell, to choose a direction and carry-off with day-by-day implication is pretty brave, and not exactly “the normal thing”, either. With focus comes belief– and as for inspiration– you must believe you’ll actually succeed.

Here’s to those moments of unbridled creativity and zany joy for all the possibilities. All writers are “a touch, squirelly” maybe and I laugh with the nonstandard nuts who like to hang-out, here.

Work progresses and we’ll be back again soon.

So what’s that name?

“Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!”

Madly Mental

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