Space Jam Redux

It had to happen– an urban theme mixed-in with the WB network, linked to the broader Warner Bros. studio and mixing in old properties with a new, succesful gimmick in film-making.

Not since “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” have we seen such a cross-over of animation and live-action– as you wonder if for Beetlejuice 2 they can pull-out some old characters and sound effects from the Warner Bros. archives and make the movie even funnier.

To have Beetlejuice on some rocky asteroid, maybe the moon– a barren, airless place where he gives a sales pitch for his cut-rate dead/undead refinacing plans that allow ghosts to be reincarnated in discount living properties– if you think of miserable souls funneled into snakes and armidillos like a trailer-court property scam and otherwise being chained by the underworld’s strict “usurey laws”.

As that’s right– sign your soul over to Beetlejuice– “he’ll take care of you, real good”. I could see Michigan J. Frog bounding down and doing his “urban league” skedaddle and otherwise filling-up space as a rented promotion while you watch Beetlejuice push his infomercial-series.

I won’t give much away, but Beetlejuice messes around with those concentric “loony tunes” circles that announce a new cartoon as it’s him and his old, blind poodle there in the space.

“It’s showtime!” or otherwise, a set– sureally, “solid” as he’s otherwise slinking around the club-house when the cameras go dark and it’s just him, again. Lots of animation and sight-gags as we can jack-up the creatiity to virtuoso levels.

“Who can think of this stuff?”

Well, it’s up to me so here we are, “entertain us!” as you’ll get other hints and little entries showing you what a Beetlejuice sequel can really be.

By the way, find it ironic with this link that talks about petty online film promotion, and what creaky and ancient websites looked like “back in the day”. It’s long-form, so find yourself prepared to sit with the article for awhile.

You couldn’t make this stuff, up.

Space Jam Redux

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