Some UFO Footage, Strange & Unusual

Some great UFO footage– possibly faked? I’m not sure. . . . .

You couldn’t speak “redneck” without the moon-faced yearning toward the sky with cosmic new age religions and a touch of Wicca. It’s a rich vein of speculation for conventions and seminars held at some Radisson hotel. You have the experts with their presentations and suits like someone “in-the-know” and circumlocution around secret government testimony and other “inside” knowledge like a held breath, then a sign– as they eye you sharply like a stump-speaker begging the question of conspiracies at Roswell.

For all you doubters who claim how it’s impossible, the wolf-eyed woman in a black leather jacket and sunglasses under a mussy muff of hair says, “well, look!”. If you don’t see it for your own plain eyes, then what speaks for strange & unusual sightings.

Whether alien life “is just passing through” like gassing-up at a filling station, or dropping by like the truck stop at the end of the galaxy– the answer could be casual yet extraordinary.

You see a lot of footage in South America with the tradition of magical realism.

Up in the states with factory-farm logic– where the facts and by-laws are “duly, noted” the argument closes itself like so much red-tape and legalese with what our conception of the truth could be.

But below the equator, it’s wilder and hotter and woolier– a night of carnivals and magic shows down the festering streets. Be it psilocybin adventuring or a fiesta Latin American talk-shows or unlicensed medical practices or charlatans or other strange stuff down the ancient streets “you’ll never know”. Miracles, healing, flashy claims– wild urchins train-surfing with their dark hair streaming in the wind. . . . . you see a lot of things.

Jungle labs, ancient hieroglyphics, and NASA space-walks as so much is rumor and hear-say “officially off-the-record”. It makes for a good story, though– like chatter in a Waffle House beneath the stars.

The mind could be a projection of “the collective unconscious” or preexisting archetypes our evolutionary biology would predispose us to see– like little men or lights in the sky, or any rash of misconception that may or may not be an expectation handed-down from local lore. You think you saw it, because your civilization sets-up the expectation.

On the other hand, there could be a bridge of psychic phenomena that mirrors our expectations– and then takes physical form with some level of reality we don’t quite understand. UFO’s dart-in like a kind of mirror-reflection of our technological age or even a premonitory flash of the future to come. UFO’s could be the future of humanity in a number of years, coming back through time “to visit”– or maybe we come to harness some kind of quantum property we don’t understand– just as physics can be revolutionized.

I might have seen a UFO, once– just like the red, blue, and green lights you witness in the film, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” as a craft or buoy or satellite appeared in the sky then swept low down a riverbank as I was riding home one night.

Whether I was staring at a traffic cone from another dimension that whisked down from the sky with incredible speed and ease like a distortion of physics and surreal optical qualities.

Was it from the star-system, “Betlegeuse”? I don’t know, but as we consider the strange & unusual and potential for a story-line you could see the military bumbling after an experiment gone awry as man the hot-line, Beetlejuice haunts the call-in radio airwaves with wild stories and a frazzled nimbus of tangled hair.

The listenership stare on like placid turtles in white bait-shop caps, like the muckety-muck of low-fi thought-process. Nothing surprises them, staring on with dim, smokey eyes like reptiles or amphibians in a pet-cage of dead flies and the hum of purple fluorescent.

Life is t.v. dinners and trucker’s insterstates like retiree’s pensions and the molasses of local neglect. Beetlejuice will be an unclean spark darting homeless through all the endless eternities.

Back again, soon.

Some UFO Footage, Strange & Unusual

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