The Plot Thickens. . . . .

Hey, all.

Treating you to “Convoy” by C.W. McCall. A song of rebellious misadventure, as a true patriot would understand like a relay-gang building up diesel speed.

I can just see Beetlejuice motormouthing through the CB-radio, “hell-bound and down” as the best road movies have elements of “Smoky & The Bandit”.

(Lots of chases and car-crashes)

And what is to give this movie, weight? You need a plot-device, gathering-danger, a ticking clock or else it’s a bunch of little scenes strung-together with no momentum.

Envision this– a cross-country race over a truck that may or may not be carrying stolen drug-money and a suitcase of jewlery– or maybe just junk, headed to “The Dollar Store” as an outlaw motorcycle gang is in pursuit, along with the Missouri State Highway patrol on some “hot tip” that a terrorist is on the loose.

(It’s just Beetlejuice wrapping his sore head in a turban of bandages)

A cosmic misunderstanding, as forces close-in and the structure is in place inside the best tradition of Hollywood formulas.

Add some intrigue of a netherworld computer-hacker about “to crash” the universe and a military experiment gone awry, and worst-of-all. . . . . Lydia’s local cable-access show about to be canceled by a dirty real estate developer with an eye of paving St. Louis over in to a parking lot– we have a real story to work with.

Live undead, and a hell of a lot of fun piecing this script together as it’s slowly being pulled out of the netherworld and into the light-of-day. This is a labor of love and I’m glad my readers are with me, along for the journey as I do it for the fans– YOU!

Stay tuned, folks. More madness to come your way.

The Plot Thickens. . . . .

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