Square Dance ’87

A fairly good trailer for “an okay movie” at best– and one of Winona’s earliest roles.

You can see the rural Americana of the mid ’80s back in the time where there was no smart-phone technology but lots of wires, telephone-poles, and transistors across the looming sky. Maybe I sensed the last little bit of that growing-up on the edge of farmland– lots of discount grocery stores and heavy machinery.

Shot on location in south-east Texas, it’s a small production with the aching pangs of melodrama and may have once played on t.v. And boys everywhere would ask, “who was that pretty girl?” with their eyes glued to the screen.

Also before a time of the Internet Movie Database, it was all pretty “hit & miss” in the analog paper-world where information was obscure and locked-away in file-cabinets with index-cards over rather grainy fare and primitive telecine-transfer.

I mean, would you have to write-away to get film production notes and cast-listings? A lot is, lost in the vast blackness of obscure, mostly-unknown information as the only thing you could go by were teen celebrity magazines, on the edge of tabloid culture with the ping of type-writers..

Maybe, “a toe, or so” into the mania of our friend Beetlejuice– flush from the world of dingy television antennas like a hoosier white-trash circus.  Things are always “a bit, behind” back there and rich territory for our backwoods bumpkin to run his schemes, always the next sucker “down the road”.

Maybe little changes, if at all. . . . .

Square Dance ’87

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