Public Access T.V.

Wayne’s World was one of those “cult movies” in my household, growing-up.

Once, McDonald’s was giving away VHS copies of a few recent hit movies and sure enough, I got a funny heavy metal/stoner-type comedy in my Christmas stocking.

It was so refreshing and different– as he played a self-referential host of a local cable-access t.v. show and wandered around the fish-bowl of his tragically-hip life, talking into the camera at times AS “LIVE THE DREAM” and turn your life into a show.

So long as you could edit-in footage and optical effects you could have a real thing, going– and today, it would be the equivalent of a kind of video-blog for amateur media personalities and wanna-be’s.

Since the concept of adulthood has mostly slipped-away for Generation-X and younger, you’d think that our maturity level is more like the freshman year of college. And who says we change much from our youthful styles & habits. . . . . once a young consumer, still buying our way into perpetual continuation of who we secretly wanted to be. You see goths and artists still carrying-on in their 40’s as that edge never leaves them.

And wondering what we would find Lydia Deetz “up to” all these years, later– I think she’d not change too much from the bubblegum punk princess, probably once in the “audio/visual club” in high-school.

An animation-short–

A flower blooming & dying with the pathetic flutter of wilting petals– such is “the sigh” of life. So ethereal, quirky, and creative that she refuses to get formal employment. Her parents paid for art-school– and she lives on a chronic, mischief-causing level of boredom and intrigue– half-heartedly running her own show, “Lydia’s Trunk of the Strange & Unusual”.

Like a tour program as she explores the area and shares some of her favorite things like a curator with the aid of her alt-goth friends and generally “tries to be amusing”.

She’s so smart & talented and maybe never decided what she wanted to do.

Lo, “the humanity” as the show becomes a means, unto an end as she gets tangled-up with local property-scandal and a wealthy developer tries to shut her down as the city of St. Louis, itself goes on the auction-block. . . . . about to be paved-over into a parking-lot.

She’s usually “on location”, downtown as the local old channel 24 station and homeless shelter is about to get razed and she vows to do something to save the city and the local down-and-out as the property has become condemned and bulldozers roll up the street, squatters and punk-rockers scurrying-out of the way as not all is lost.

You’ll just have to see how this turns out. . . . .

Public Access T.V.

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