Keaton Dangerously

A very clever trailer for an early one of Michael Keaton’s movies.

Definitely with the feel of that old movie, “Airplane!” as the early ’80s felt a bit stilted with bad telecine transfer. Folksy, schmaltzy ensemble pieces that don’t quite “gel” though you’ll see some proto-Beetlejuice mannerisms and zany magic with his sparking-eyes like Irish soap-stones. He’s charming here with a jut-out jaw and insufferable gangster manner, like chewing over bubblegum and other toothsome lusts with an easy, eyebrow-arched manner like the devil, himself.

Heads-up– does he play more dramatic roles or plain-out comedy?

(Batman doesn’t count)

He’s manic and intense– unlike any movie star you’ve ever seen. A touch of that ole’ Philadelphia brogue like rusted-out factory towns and urban brown-stone stoops not too far from the ole’ Sesame Street neighborhood. Actually, Keaton interned for “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” in the very early days, like “local boy makes good”.

Check out the movie, sometime– as it’s worth a curious view.

Back soon, with all things “Beetlejuice”.

Keaton Dangerously

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