House Rave Lydia/Gaga-Mix

Ah, yes. . . . . the intrigue of Lydia and a putrescent flirt of a pin-striped suitor.

Pulsing electronica and glaze-eyed industrial sounds unto diva-dating captures the bored, world-weary resistance of the hippest teenager I know.

As Beetlejuice materializes, more “earth-bound” than ghost– Lydia, herself begins to fade-out into the bizarre, timeless netherworld depths as a balance must be struck– two entities “neither here, nor there” as she risks being lost to the world of the dead forever unless the rift in space/time can be sutured-back correctly.

Ghosts and other poltergeist-y spirits fly in and out of the St. Louis arch in a night of thunderstorms like an electrical conductor, as all parties meet in the downtown streets, below for a grand finale as Cousin Hugo is about to turn into a God and the universe is going to imminently collapse-in on itself.

The rest is top secret– as this ought to be made into a movie, someday. Still working on the script as we fan-up interest on the super online information highway.

So stay with us! Back again, tomorrow.

House Rave Lydia/Gaga-Mix

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