“Strange & Unusual”: Night on Earth

Strange and unusual nights are afoot in five cities, around the globe, SIMULTANEOUSLY for a cut-away into the lives of cab-drivers and bonkers midnight-runs. Though few have heard of it, the 1991 film “Night on Earth” is a highly-accessible independent feature from auteur Jim Jarmusch which means it explores those quiet, “in-between” moments before anything like serious, driven plot that make-up most fast, cheap movies.

Funky sunglasses and cosmopolitan cafe culture like style and hip vision– if you’ve ever driven the streets of L.A, New York, Paris, Rome, and Helsinki and wondered about the burning dome lights that dimly shine over a whole world, unknown.

It’s one of Winona’s indie film-projects of kooky, quirky, nasal intonations with big, rolled eyes and a backwards cap as about as “street-level” as you’ve ever seen her. It’s newsstand commerce and hearsay, playing bug-juice punk-cassettes on an old beat-up tape player and otherwise untucking a cigarette behind an elfin ear as she’s all flannel-shirts and combat boots like tough-talkin’ tomboy brio on a dead-end skid.

Tom Waits fills in the gravel-voiced, “jazz/roots” soundtrack like an alley cat in a bowler hat and cigar you may see in an old 1940’s cartoon, out sauntering back among the trash-cans for a fish-bone with a gravelly meow for bongo-jones/hip-cat/happenin’ slap-bass rumination over a poker flush and pickled eggs.

5 stories in 5 different cities– as you’ll get your fare’s worth and learn something about “the small hours” just a few deals before dawn– when the coffee dregs run out, and you’re one star, straight-on ’till morning in an anonymous city, nowhere or just on the bleeding edge of film, music, and rootsy art. You won’t be disappointed!

“Strange & Unusual”: Night on Earth

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