Retro Drive-in Ads

Now, we introduce to you, THE REAL REASON why movie theaters are open. Namely, as an excuse to set-up a snack-bar and draw revelers in to the screen-house like flies to a bbq or more like, Beetlejuice up to mischief like a grub-worm to shit or screenwriters to comedy.

Beetlejuice 2 will take-on several surreal excursions, poking fun at itself and other “meta-referencing” with little “breakers”, or “send-up’s” in between scenes to keep the film moving-along. Say, constant references to product spots and buying popcorn & soda and other bolstering “product-placements”.

You’ll have a lurching, screwball perspective with whips & pans that moves from one thing to another like those delightful little cameos and other extras that you can throw in, to make the humor tighter and gratifying for the smart-alleck in the audience.

The imagination is the limit for this scriptwriter, here– so long as you can put-it into words and make use of free, retro “stock-footage” or whatever strange stuff you can mix-in– a real bouillabaisse of off-key inspiration you won’t find anywhere else. Mastery & execution– as you’ll never see anything like it, ANYWHERE.

For instance, a card is held-up– “Where’s Hugo?” as he burrows-off to the side of the action as the Lydia and Beetlejuice plot thickens, and there is likeness or something “close-enough” counts-down, off to the side. Just reminding you that he’s still alive “and out there” as the threads will all come together.

And the second reason movie theatres are open– to sell tickets to you, the audience who must be entertained. You make it real, you know.


Retro Drive-in Ads

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