Yes, the Original Cast Will Return

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In this article, below– Geena Davis says she’d love to come back for a sequel but whether many of the original actors can feasibly return– because it’s been such a long bunch of years.

Apparently, no one said much of anything to her or anyone– as this project is still well-bound to the ole’ drawing-board.


Certainly, in the prologue it would be useful to refer back to what happened in the last movie, maybe with old vintage footage and newspaper headlines as ghosts of past events whirl out of a funeral parlor fire-place and kicks off the action– namely, Beetlejuice “late to his own movie”, which hasn’t even been filmed yet as a kind of “meta-joke” as fans gather around the “Beetlejuice Returns” premier and get restless in the movie theater.

I won’t give away too many surprises, here. (TOP SECRET)

But the likenesses of the old 1988 cast can be reused, or a CGI ghost-world cameo can air as “an in-joke” or brief mention as you can bring-on any image you want with computers as Geena Davis & Alec Baldwin take-on different form, voicing-over.

With other cameos, including crowd scenes or an in-movie “infomercial” for Beetlejuice’s “soul-recovery” business, when ghosts are trick-rigged into the bodies of armadillos, coyotes, and pythons like discount “living properties” to inhabit– like trailer-park rentals unto dubious refinancing schemes. Everyone can show-up a couple of times and at least be part of the project, somewhere.

The movie, obviously– will move-off into a different direction. Yes, Lydia Deetz has a major role as the original seemed more interested in the Lydia/Beetlejuice interaction than in anyone else. But we hope to make this a worthwhile sequel and full-on “movie-going experience” watchers would be glad over which to pay for a ticket.

This movie will be chock-full and rich. . . . . and just you “stay tuned” to hear more about all things “Beetlejuice” and “Beetlejuice 2” related. Seriously, you’ve been the greatest!

Back again, soon.

Yes, the Original Cast Will Return

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