The Grim Reaper Speaketh!

Here is an hilarious grip from “Monty Python & The Meaning of Life” when the film-set is visited by the Grim Reaper, itself. This is close to my conception as a kind of boss or overlord of the netherworld whom Beetlejuice must answer to, like a supervisor in a kind of social work or IRS debt-collection service.

We must “pay our dues”, after-all as Beetlejuice “goes through a portal” and is summoned on some far-off, grisly planet between realms where he and Death have business.

In a flutter of spectral rags and diseased skeleton-fingers, Death towers over Beetlejuice and his cousin Hugo as they are made to take account. The universe of karma “keeps its own books” as suffering is what makes life and death “go around”. You see Beetlejuice lashed to “a wheel of pain” where he grinds around and turns the clock of the universe as Death and Father Time laugh, kicking him in the buttocks with a sandaled foot and Hades, of the underworld pulls-along a chariot as they all sit there like middle-managers in the hierarchy of the afterlife. Maybe even the Norse god, Wotan as they knock back doughnuts and add to the quotas of Beetlejuice’s suffering on this hellish service “neither here nor there”.

A ghoul’s work is never done– as Beetlejuice always shirks duty and there Death is before a computer, knocking-back coffee and supervising his quadrant “as the scales must be kept”– even pressing a “Kill” button that drops a piano on some hapless earthling walking-down the sidwalk.

A two-headed vulture sits on Death’s shoulder and parrots advice like good and evil nature as Death clicks around the desktop and truly, lords over all before making on-sight appearences like supervisory manager “on the killing floor”.

Will Beetlejuice get away from the crushing load of debt? Or is it “death”? No rest for the wicked, and if it’s anything certain it’s “death and taxes”. So pay the piper and answer your summons to the netherly dimension, here between the star-cluster Beetlegeuse and Alpha Centauri. Be there!


The Grim Reaper Speaketh!

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