Beetlejuice down at “Ballpark Village”

busch  lydia_exhausted

St. Louis is known as quite the ole’ baseball town. And needless to say, we’re always sorry when the home team looses to anyone as we play the funeral dirge.

But in another movie tie-in, “Back to the Future II” predicted that The Chicago Cubs would win The World Series 30 years into the future, as 2015 as a touch, different. No hover-boards or other sort of conceits to the 1980’s post-future, but hey– it’s like “no one’s supposed to notice, or care”.

But since baseball is such a big part of St. Louis life, no love letter to the city would be complete without bringing some action down to “Ballpark Village”. That whole area is a built-up spot of bars and restaurants, marking easy passage to the stadium through the local Metro-Link for an integrated downtown experience, about the flashiest place you’d find in the whole city.

As you fight your way up through the crowds, you’d have an image of Beetlejuice hurrying along, pursued by the military and other Secret Service types in coats and sunglasses as he tries to loose them in the throng.

And what a sight–

Street musicians busk for change, beating drums on the back of old paint-tubs as taxi-cabs pull up to the curb and Cardinals fans flock toward the gates.

By contrivance I won’t reveal, Beetlejuice actually makes his way out onto the field, blown up in the crisp honeycomb lights of the score-board as officials make an attempt to tackle him.

Your view, up in the seats– the Arch looming high over the stadium with the St. Louis river-front skyline filling the view, making an inescapable cameo in movie-going history as it can all be edited-in with computers, or a special little “joke diversion” arranged somewhere on game night with everyone up in the stands. . . . . as you can do practically anything with technology, these days.

A plot point is that a portal or “gateway” to the paradox of unbeing localizes around our very own Gateway Arch as spirits fly-down and whirl-about in the vise of a threatening thunderstorm, something a bit like the menace in “Ghostbusters”.

Lydia and the gang must run-down to the foot of the Arch grounds to stop Cousin Hugo, the rotund sort of “Insane Clown Posse” hooligan from accidentally “canceling-out the universe” by collecting so much of the code behind “the ideas, that hold ideas”, like streams of data “behind everything” you’d see in “THE MATRIX”. The implication is that commercial mascots come alive as a weird side-effect and how fractions of a cent add up exponentially to break the banking system as the military is trying to reverse an experiment gone terribly wrong on a local high-tech installation as Beetlejuice finds himself “right in the middle of it”

Lydia & friends must break him loose, as part of her “already belongs to the nether-side” as she gains incredible powers, and Beetlejuice becomes “more human” and corporeal. The imbalance must be corrected before it’s too late in a final, fiery finale involving Nintendo light-gun fights and massive, shape-shifting supernatural transformations.

Be there!

Beetlejuice down at “Ballpark Village”

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