Twisted, Shut-in Recluse & Love Interest (– NOT A PERSONALS AD)

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Entertaining article, here.

The film, Edward Scissorhands turns 25 years old this season and “Entertainment Weekly” set-out to do an interview with director Tim Burton.

What a love interest– as this sort of strange, unusual love interest might have at least, half-a-place in Beetlejuice 2 to flesh-out the script and keep the action moving. We’re not saying, “bring back Edward”– but bring back a young man a bit like him, infatuated with the local broadcast of Lydia Deetz’s cable-access show.

Say you had the household of an old, crabby religious kook– a mother, half-insane and dominating over her boy like a kind of splinter religious sect and hoarder’s heaven, where she chides him for watching “that evil witch” on television. The lad hides in the house, tormented by the neighborhood children as he makes his way around south St. Louis, shot-on-location with atmospheric street-shots and takes in the city as a tribute to local conceptional artistry and why I want it filmed here.

He gets pulled-into the plot, by trying to present Lydia with strange and unusual artifacts on “a puppy-dog’s love quest” that finds him over the river in Illinois looking at junk-shops.

Incidentally, Beetlejuice has fallen to earth in this maelstrom of intrigue with his devilish friend and illegal cable-installer as they all get caught-up witnessing “a drug deal gone bad” with bikers outside of a local strip-club– money and suitcases of drugs and jewelry changing hands but ending-up with mismatched bags as a car-chase takes centers out back behind the convenience store by the dumpster.

Now Beetlejuice is a marked man– running across Cahokia Mounds as zapping, mismatched polarities opens a hole in the sky and he’s chased by a flying sand-worm and now the boy, back there is a witness to paranormal activity and is hounded by the local press and the ghost-hunting community as “strange things are afoot” in St. Louis.

Now it’s a race against time to keep the universe from “turning inside out” and it’s up to the kids to save the world, and the city from foreclosure before it’s too late. Many strands come together and the plot thickens. . . . .

I wouldn’t want to be anywhere, else but in good ole’ St. Louis. To be seen, a salable sequel and credit to local ingenuity as I’ll see you in hell, I’ll see you here, so be there. . . . .

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Twisted, Shut-in Recluse & Love Interest (– NOT A PERSONALS AD)

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