Vintage “Vincent” Action

“Vincent”– where it all began for Tim Burton “all the way back in ’82”.

Believe it or not, he was hired-on as an apprentice to sketch-out creative fodder that might be used someday in the corral of full-time conceptional artists. Weird, wacky, tacky, nervous, and dark as you see the formative work of a promising career no one could see at the time.

Too morbid and spooky for the apple-cheeked Walt Disney company, this was more the stuff of mad science and vintage German expressionism with the macabre, mechanical twist of the subconscious and irrational. A hallmark “for what would be”.

Some of it reminds me of Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”, a technical masterpiece given a smooth 1980’s restoration by techno music-maestro, Giorgio Moroder with tinted film and a soundtrack fitting to the cinema of the fantastic.

Doom-laden, unto surreal angles and ominous shadows, here is a video starring Freddie Mercury of Queen with quick-cut clips of the movie, itself.

Back again tomorrow and ever, surreally yours. . . . . THE STAFF



Vintage “Vincent” Action

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