The Music of Danny Elfman

Tonight on PBS: a tribute the music of Danny Elfman in Tim Burton films for a bit of long-due, overlooked recognition as you must know “you’ve made it mainstream”.

It always had an organic, authentic gingerbread quality of something so rich and deep back in the subconscious of fairy-tale lands. It comes to mind– like creeping, tinkling, ethereal tones in the world of lonely hearts and pallid faces. Damaged, imperfect beings and outsiders whirling in a graveyard dance beneath the light of the moon. So delicate and misunderstood. . . . . speaking to the inner Frankenstein in all of us with the splendor of romantic, Victorian landscapes like imperfect, broken whimsy.

And you will see the imagery of the movies layered on top of a live symphony orchestra– before the prestigious Lincoln Center. Details, below.


wpid-wp-1444570760408.jpeg  wpid-wp-1444570773495.jpeg

The Music of Danny Elfman

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