Would you Do Anything for Love?

I would do anything for love. . . . . but I won’t do that.

wpid-wp-1444570283364.jpeg   wpid-wp-1444570807802.jpeg

Think you’re a Screenwriter? Got Voices in your head? An Itchy chigger for the pen? The Complete, consuming need to tell a story?

beetle_ranger fly

Sell your soul for rock & Roll to me as I’m the ticket to a gold-mine. But there’s a Catch, that there in “The Fine Print”.

wpid-wp-1444570673792.jpeg  lydia_exhausted

You’re gonna have to work harder than ever to squeeze out the juice of finer prose.


A real horror story, birthing “The Beast” as some are called, the better chosen like a writer’s determination that borders on “the terrifying”.

   wpid-wp-1444570760408.jpeg  lud_cafe

Fight “Writer’s Block” and have a Happy Halloween. May the Force be With you, always.

     wpid-wp-1444570718144.png smokestacks


Would you Do Anything for Love?

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