SOS, Save St. Louis

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Ah, a filmmakers love letter to St. Louis.

What better way to pay tribute than to place it in the context of city-wide bankruptcy proceedings in the grip of a corrupt property developer? You would think the CEO “is the devil, himself” and may as well be. . . . . as he takes up residence in a tall office-tower overlooking the skyline like a real cigar-chomping tycoon. Not an industrialist, exactly– if the image comes to mind of a factory-owner.

This is different, in that neon/vanilla trendy sense you can’t get away from around these parts– as producer/investors run the latest hot property-scheme that doesn’t seem like a good idea in hindsight. Whether putting a “Planet Hollywood” down by Laclede’s Landing near the river-front or a time when those cigar rooms were big, as you follow the money with the full-support of city hall. . . . . and how it turns into a dud.

Well, no quick-fixes ever work to patch-up the region’s deep-set problems. The mayor’s office is harried, constantly trying to renegotiate and please hostile forces. Now it seems that the town will be razed-down and turned into a secret toxic-waste dump as local newscasts narrate and residents seem as feisty and short-sighted as ever with interviews on-camera.

Over and over “accountability” is called into question, the buzz word of good governance and now it looks like St. Louis, itself is up on the auction block of foreclosure by an unpopular gang of scoundrels as the sharks circle. The slimy agenda is the order of the day and there can be no resistance, only city-officials strong-armed into going along as the skyline rises and betells of evil deeds, never afar like the steam-roller of progress, most dubious as what will befell this place?

All the pieces are lining-up. . . . . including a scale model of the city our villain hashes– conspiracy over in his move do dominate. . . . . (– like the first movie, remember?) I’m saving up some surprises “for that one” with shrunk figures in the miniature city, itself.


So it’s local intrigue– leading to the threatened existence Lydia’s local cable-access show as wider politics has taken over and dissent is squelched. . . . . and the storm-clouds are brooding to bring you plot. More about Lydia’s local interest show– it always amuses. In tribute to vintage civic-boosterism and industrial videos like “high camp” siftings and punk rock mockery.

It’s all there– including the old Hostess cake factory where you can watch the best of industrial films and endless conveyor belts carrying-along wholesome, artificially-flavored, bleached-out, nutritionless food-stuffs over a sappy Muzak recording. . . . . as lightsome productivity is implied, the nightmare of the 1950’s atomic age.

Soon, we’ll all “be history”. . . . . if Lydia and Beetlejuice don’t save our local character.

So we’ll see if my movie gets green-lighted and the Missouri Film Office nurses it along. Stay tuned for more developments and cross “The Gateway to Success” with me as this project’s really cookin’ right along.

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SOS, Save St. Louis

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