A Most Excellent Film Festival

Down at the St. Louis International Film Festival, over the weekend. Of local interest, Alex Winter from the “Bill & Ted” nostalgia-wagon was by to glad-hand at a special late-night screening, not to mention promote his own line of directorial work.

He won a local award for lifetime achievement by the local film society of artists, academics, minstrels, and poets. . . . . a far cry from what he’ll always best be remembered, for. Mixing business, pleasure, and a cultural touch-stone of local fandom as I wonder if he ever gets tired, rehashing over his “Excellent Adventure” or “Bogus Journey”, depending on how you choose to look at.

Like they said in some “View-Askew” Kevin Smith moment, I guess the internet is an excuse to bat around porn files back & forth and otherwise cluster around movie nostalgia.

The world belongs to the fans– and hungry they are, for “fresh meat”. Or the carcass of Beetlejuice dragged-out in his old pin-striped suit as there’s putrescent juice left in the franchise, yet. Bloating potential and chock-full of squirming, squiggling maggots as I’d like to refer to film-can scavengers as something, nobler.

Beetlejuice is like the splattered possum of a misbegotten sequel no one quite gets around to shoveling off the super information highway of rumor, fan-art, and hope. Tap that vein– that rich, rich vein as I’m sure this blog is generating interest, somewhere.

On a softly-ominous portent “of what might be”, the Beetlejuice Rockin’ Graveyard Revue is closing-down at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida as you wonder about the remnants of hoosier heaven south in Tampa– and where the real fun’s at.

Easily transposed to the wilds of South St. Louis, Beetlejuice never dies in spirit and will walk among us so long as there’s truck stops, carnivals, and fireworks stands– and you can bet your bottom dollar that he’ll be sleazing around your neighborhood, or in a word-processing program late at night on my home computer.

So say it once, say it twice– third time’s a charm– “SCREENPLAY, SCREENPLAY, SCREENPLAY”. The madness continues as you’re in store for no end of fun. As sure as the trailer rolls-up to my backyard to take permanent residence as you hear the barking dogs and banging trash-cans as Beetlejuice takes possession of myself, as muse– and won’t die-down until the money rolls in, at long last.

The epitaph on this one will be “The Final Word”. Sequel-juice! Sequel-juice! Sequel-juice! Because one good turn deserves another– and you can just call be “The Necro-Butcher” of WordPress blogging. See you again, right here tomorrow.

wpid-wp-1444570595675.jpeg   wpid-wp-1444570338888.jpeg

A Most Excellent Film Festival

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