“What do you want on YOUR TOMBSTONE?”

What I want is “extra dough” from surreal product placement. . . . . as Beetlejuice & Company “adds on the sauce” with a retro song n’ dance number. There’s got to be a way to carry-on “quite obviously” with corporate puns and help with financing this satire on the information economy. Would it surprise you **that most information** is related to commercial purposes? Like a mega-phone of incessant exposure that at least has to be somewhat alluring in order “to draw eyes to the prize”.

You wonder if there was a way to somehow funnel that storm of digital binary singles to pick-up say, “fractions of a cent” and the more it flies and flies around the more money one can amass like accumulated currency.

Say, waves of information or even “a hand” from cyberspace rising like a virtual being and emergent consciousness to bedevil ole’ backwards Beetlegeuse who’s still on the level of Tiger hand-held toys as not much of a digital creature– sending the process, “automating along” like Mickey and the brooms in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”.

Ice Giants and Cyber Titans battle it out in the netherworld– like ghostly remnants of ideas as now Beetlejuice has to step in and save his home-world.

Could the stakes get any higher with a ticking-clock?

Ghosts of corporate mascots emerge– as you have, say “Tony the Tiger” and the “Little Caesar’s” mascot leaping and frolicking about like an exploding jack n’ the box of mayhem– or at least how many corporate brands are willing to sign on.

No obvious put-down’s of your sponsors as I always felt a glimmer of recognition– each time I’d see a piece of my own experience reflected in the movies.

minute_maid   wpid-wp-1444570379884.jpeg   question_mark

Ask Lydia. . . . . for anti-commercial appeal that casually sides with Mellow “Street-Cred” and Casual Shopping Convenience. Dig?

as_seen  lydia_photography

lydia_blurry   wpid-wp-1444570718144.png

“What do you want on YOUR TOMBSTONE?”

2 thoughts on ““What do you want on YOUR TOMBSTONE?”

    1. Blogging is a semi-fine art, up here. Just finding whatever tangential subject relates to Beetlejuice as I never quite seem to run out of ideas. Thanks for hanging out and trust me– there will be more. . . . .


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