April Fool’s Anniversary World Premier

winona_well_dog_my_cats   broken_television

Well, “dog my cats”– Beetlejuice turns 28 today on a Very Special April 1st. No foolin’, thank you to the original cast and crew for pulling-off this surreal exercise in leg-pulling entertainment.

514dOKjBGXL._SX309_BO1,204,203,200_    beetlejuice_XL

This Development of a Concept Still goes strong and true, here in St. Louis. “Show Me” a Script from the State of Missouri– “The State of Things”– Even “The State of the Art”. We bring you Revolution!!!!!!

Strike While the Iron is still hot– And always keep visiting this wordpress blog for the high-horror of Here-After Speculation and Fan-Driven Fiction.

The Truth Could Be Scarier– this has a shot of turning into Something, Like a Snowball In Hell or flies on a rib-roast.

triumph_insult_dog  beetlejuice_2

power_glove   minute_maid

April Fool’s Anniversary World Premier

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