Would you like fries with that?


Presenting to you—“a plug” for THE FOUNDER, starring Michael Keaton.

You wouldn’t say we have a nose for cross-promotion, would ‘ya?  Anyway, it’s the history of McDonald’s fast food—faster than you could put little Beetlejuice toys in a Happy Meal and rock the world with those fast food-chain commemorative cups.

Keep it tasteful—and don’t sell “The Beetle-Burger” with a tall order of fries. We wouldn’t call it “The Big-Muck” but must remain respectful of our tie-in clients.

Beetlejuice would chuckle at the plasticine Ronald McDonald statue “like another clown in the business”, an old familiar from the 1980’s.

Here’s an article about the new movie:


And if your taste if more vegetarian or something, Lydia could sarcastically voice asides for salads and their special McCoffee’s as part of anti-marketing is to pretend to walk away “with attitude” and then gullible people following you, “as if you have the answer”. . . . . or some scorning insight into the deeper nature of modern existence. Hey, it worked for the Seattle grunge-act, Nirvana!

It’s how to put a good face on the constant pitch of advertising tugging on your sleeve, like marketing while pretending not to. I guess we can all feel like “insider’s”.

I’ll super-size that into a Beetlejuice sequel!

“Rubbel, Rubbel!”

The Hamburger Thief


Would you like fries with that?

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