Long Lost Footage

roach   beetlejuice-workprint

Something wonderfully “strange & unusual” has been unburied. . . . . literally from some strange corner of the Internet and posted up on YouTube.

It is long, lost footage of the original movie. Or to think, “alternate takes” as the story and plot steered itself into the definitive version we know on home video. Some gags work, others don’t– or were replaced entirely.

It doesn’t “quite fit” and you understand why it was cut. But certainly it gives you insight into earlier versions of the script as final executive and creative decisions were made.

What it is is a very provisional “work-print” or a black & white copy, of a copy, of a work-print. Think of it as a copy-machine draft as something the editors can work with, as a guide and reach whatever final decision.

I feel like I’m looking at odd moments, as if you were actually there in the story or might have seen “inside the movie”. Not every uttered line of dialogue or “set-up” can be perfect– but I feel like I know these movie characters a little deeper.

Visit the website, here–


There may be more footage. . . . . maybe it will one day be unearthed in a 30th Anniversary edition. Does anyone know– does anyone care?

Well, WE DO!

The movie takes on a second-life up here. . . . . so keep visiting as the potential franchise-universe expands into something ever-more incredible. They said it wouldn’t happen– but anything’s impossible up on the internet netherworld. Hail, Beetlejuice!

metallica_christmas    beetlejuice_script_size

Read– the really strange kernel of a screenplay the final film developed into. . . . .


Long Lost Footage

2 thoughts on “Long Lost Footage

  1. etherealbeingsinmylife says:

    Thank you for this special treat. Beetlejuice is a very precious memory for me. I decided to take a last minute vacation to Toronto with my son, who was then 4 years old. We watched Beetlejuice in our hotel room. My son became so frightened that he flew into my lap.


    1. You can definitely understand why Beetlejuice was rated PG. Tim Burton did a short orginal film called “Frankenweenie” that almost played beside the 1984 theatrical re-release of Pinocchio but got axed for the PG-rating, even though Pinocchio had stuff “far scarier” and pretty intense for little children. Of course, with the ever-ribald Beetlejuice character at least the movie wasn’t rated PG-13. . . . .

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