Yessir, the world had limited entertainment options “back in 1988”. Telephone “Party-Lines” were a thing– or getting lost in the labyrinth of an automated-system “for a thrill”. . . . . though the real shock was when your parents got the phone-bill. “in this world of worlds”, what do you think you, or I, or anybody “would dredge-up out there”?



Beetlejuice’s phone-line sits, “mostly unanswered” as it’s another “get-broke-quick” scheme. He’ll be “an internet millionaire in no-time”. . . . .




Halloween 1987

Mists rising from grates, dark and glistening streets, infinite shadow and mystery.

Things loom large in the magical recesses of a young boy’s brain.

The world is open-ended at that time, dreams and nightmares—and surreal events in the gnarled, twisting unconscious as you’re “carried along” in a larger-than-life fever.

Strange tastes, smells, and sensations—one big “impressionistic montage” as fairy tales live inside.

Scary, exhilarating. . . . . . and wonderfully dangerous.

Life oozes blackly, inexorable and surreal.

Half-glimpsed references, curling back on itself in a dungeon where a bright, gap-toothed bucket of Halloween candy grins in welcome.

Happy Halloween!



And “Happy Birthday” to Winona Ryder. Long Live Lydia Deetz, “QUEEN OF THE DEAD” and Fetching morbid-angel.

Halloween 1987

Too Punk 2-Die






Too Punk 2-Die

Friday the 13th, SPECIAL GUEST

A vintage “Halloween” sort of interview from 1989 on the old Arsenio Hall show. The stoic actor beneath the hockey mask manages “to keep a straight face” as an eerie guest “silent as the tomb”. Must be beetlejuice’s neighbor in the trailer park, down the dirt-gravel road by the old fence.

The new “Jay & Silent Bob”?  Beetlejuice talks for the two of them, both. . . . . as “it’s show time”.

And fate has it, that Beetlejuice 2 has recruited a new writer. Good night & good luck, don’t forget to tap “a bit of backwoods, underground talent” if you’re ever stuck.

Read about it here: http://deadline.com/2017/10/beetlejuice-2-new-writer-mike-vukadinovich-warner-bros-tim-burton-1202184970/


Don’t forget. . . . . a funny treatment on the subject.



Friday the 13th, SPECIAL GUEST

From Bone-Yard to Broadway, ARISE!!!


In the style of “The Addams’ Family”, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and other ookey, spooky properties Beetlejuice doffs the hat and twirls the cane in the “Bigtime, showtime”. Call it tin-pan alley or merely just a playbill for you, he will pull entertainment out of his hat “like a real song & dance man” of twisted, devilish joy for the whole family.




From Bone-Yard to Broadway, ARISE!!!

Vault to the Netherworld. . . . .

Out of the mists of elementary school memory is the kiddie-exploitation Nintendo cartoon property, “Captain N, The Game-Master”.

(– it was all we had)

Most memorable for the live video entrance of the typical Nintendo teen zapped through his t.v. and into the loosely-based zone of video game plot-lines.

Otherwise, this would be a fairly-disposable cartoon that relies on stock characters, both “good and evil” to tell storylines of the fantastic, insipid, and unlikely.

Out of the dumpster of old print-media, like flapping pages and putrid coffee stains—we reach deep to bring you this.

True for the hopelessly “out-of-date” shut-in, maybe. . . . . thinking about “the way it used to be”.

Just imagine a nest of analog video cables, maybe a camcorder or wired-in surround-sound speakers and that was the crude home entertainment set-up for those “with a knack for that sort of stuff”.

Of interest, is his “zapper” or Nintendo gun you’d use to play, say “Duck Hunt”. Just don’t hold up a convenience store “even if the gun isn’t loaded”.

If you were handy and could modify the gun, you could be a bit of “a ghostbuster” as our character has this technology “to thicken the plot”.

How? Why?

Even the galactic board-room monsters in GWAR meat-titan suits meta-debate the narrative as they conceive of and slap this thing together with on-going commentary for one flexibly-surreal Beetlejuice sequel.

You’ll have to see what we got up our sleeve—never bound completely “to logic”. Kind of like the surreal 6th dimension with the long, checkered hallway leading to THE NETHERWORLD, or even “13 steps to Nowhere”.


And guttural. And clever!

Stay tuned. . . . .


Vault to the Netherworld. . . . .

Down & Out in “The Lou”.

Once again, St. Louis finds itself in the news. You can’t help but think of the haggard, run-down streets and climbing National Debt clock. Something tells me Beetlejuice would stir up much trouble and gibbitude, passing-along rumors through the gathered throng of protestors “like Satan’s Kid Brother’. Sowing chaos, “he feeds off your famine” and makes “a tidy profit” off of looted stores, abandoned cars, and popular discord. Life is short and money burns faster. . . . . “Law of the world” and funnier truths not talked about “before polite company”. At this rate, the producers will want to shoot “Beetlejuice 2” in Toronto, instead.

Down & Out in “The Lou”.