Friday the 13th Meditations

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Hey, y’all–

Had to quick, declaim any mistaken connotation with the “Hell-Fire Club, Paris” entry as an unfortunate turn of events would make it seem offensive and insensitive– like some kind of hideously-rotten joke about concert halls and “express-elevators to hell” as we don’t need that. Just a bit of bad timing, that’s all. Friday the 13th, anybody?

We’re a comedy blog– and if you asked Beetlejuice about fanaticism he’d ask you why you were in such a big hurry to get to the netherworld. Say, eternity “gets kind of boring, after a while” and to find any meaning there is like trying to explain what we’re doing here on earth. It’s just a sale, a big of snuggling-down comfort and cycles of rejuvenation and then getting run-down all over again.

Unto ghostly exoticism you can have questions if jinn or what is known as genie-spirits whipping across the desert in calamitous whirl-winds and mostly causing trouble for wandering humans. Say his name “three times” to summon the powers of the undead. He’s a cut-rate genie, so you get your wishes only granted “half as well” like discount bargains on hopes n’ dreams.

It’s a strange world out there as a global culture of local spirits and superstitions all meet as even stranger phenomena of The Netherworld. We’ll keep you posted, and may everything settle down over in Paris. . . . .

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Friday the 13th Meditations

United We Stand


United We Stand. . . . .

United We Stand