Yessir, the world had limited entertainment options “back in 1988”. Telephone “Party-Lines” were a thing– or getting lost in the labyrinth of an automated-system “for a thrill”. . . . . though the real shock was when your parents got the phone-bill. “in this world of worlds”, what do you think you, or I, or anybody “would dredge-up out there”?



Beetlejuice’s phone-line sits, “mostly unanswered” as it’s another “get-broke-quick” scheme. He’ll be “an internet millionaire in no-time”. . . . .




“Just Kidding”, Johnny

Johnny Depp and tim burton– we kid you both! A sordid transformation, “Fear & Loathing” for Gonzo-Goth Mesphistos!

Frenzied Lindy-Hop Convulsions– and see if you can find Amber Heard here.

(Not an Outake from “Ed Wood”. . . . .)

The Sniff of Beetlejuice Abounds. . . . . .

“Just Kidding”, Johnny

Beetlejuice Thumbs a Ride to Brooklyn

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For the devil in you, the devil in me—the fun continues.

A theater company is hosting a Beetlejuice impersonator inside an immersive, pyrotechnic stage experience. Enter the doorway of surreal dinner theater and a screening of the original 1988 film in the after-math.

Call it a second life as the sequel sits in pregnant hiatus, even now—so this is your best chance to celebrate the ghoulish reiteration of it all through this high-camp send-up.
After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery as you’re joined by super-fans and horror convention buffs at this bold, theatrical reenactment.

He’s been sleazing around your old VHS graveyard, our heating & cooling professional cum mortgage lender of soul-world real estate and personal house-calls like “The Art of the Deal”—er, “steal”—like all of your flashy, bargain-basement nightmares.

You’d think he was from Texas or Florida—or possibly, Missouri—yet the archetype lives everywhere . . . . .and even New York hosts triple-bill outdoor concerts with Ted Nugent, Deep Purple, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. America, thy name is Styrofoam beer-coolers under the sprawl of bad leisure shoes and a trucker cap snuggled over your eyes.

So come on over, just in time for summer—more fun than a peanut-brittle can springing loose with coiled sand-worms as information can be found at this link:


Last one there is an unlucky STIFF.


Beetlejuice Thumbs a Ride to Brooklyn