Achey-Breaky Beetlejuice


Hey, it’s the K-Mart Square-Dance.

Huggies, smokes, and campfire kerosene as it’s just a friendly Jeff Foxworthy jaby Yonder “The New South” and a little town called “Hope”, Arkansas.

Don’t Sell yourself short, “Country Folk”– a thick, juicy cut of BBQ’d Pork-Steak and free-market opportunity, full and robust with savory American flavor.

The American Original. . . . . a loaf of wonder bread and a sweating jar of Mayonnaise as You’re not forgotten.



Achey-Breaky Beetlejuice

Attention: K-Mart Shoppers (An Event)

Attention: Hollywood.

My moonshine kicks your cocaine’s ass.

See it now, as southern hard rock outfit Jackyl takes over a K-Mart parking-lot to protest the fact that the chain won’t carry their record. As if “Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics” was the end all, be all of discount box-stores.

So they launched a live publicity-stunt and pulled up in a flat-bed truck to play a concert. Beetlejuice runs thick here like blackberry wine as we set-up a protest outside of the Hollywood mainstream.

Humor me– and my humorous sequel. Construction continues!

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Attention: K-Mart Shoppers (An Event)