Meth Lab, House of ROACH

A truer skit could never be conceived.

He always did seem “a little wired”, perhaps “a bit keyed-up, there” and through the manufacture of meth, “BETTER LIVING THROUGH CHEMICALS”.

“I’m GAWWWWD!! Yor just a A BUG!”.

Spoken like a chest-beating frontiersman “defending his territory” before he’s thrown in a psychiatric hold “to air out”.

“Better hose him off”

That ole “jungle-juice”, “beetle-juice”, slick like unshowered balls until he smells like spoiled apples, rotten fish, and bad fermented cheese.

Mania “is fun enough” UNTIL YOU GET LOBOTOMIZED.


(Lydia wishes for a can of LYSOL)



(Otho “would shit”)


Meth Lab, House of ROACH

Warner Bros. “Label-Mates”!

Take a brief course in diversion from Judge Alvin Valkenheiser in a movie called “Nothing But Trouble”, just a few video tapes down the shelf for whacked-out “Saturday Movie II” entertainment on local “bush-League” television. A direct cousin to “Beetlejuice” and nothing less than a cult-classic.


Warner Bros. “Label-Mates”!