Virtual Netherworld, “LEVEL-EDITS”

Hats off to the creators of this extraordinary creation in the old “Minecraft” game-engine.

I wrote this in their YouTube comments section:

You two creatives totally KICK-ASS!!! Love the sort of “dubstep” remix of the main Beetlejuice theme. With extra programming chops, I could see “a game”, inside THE GAME (– Minecraft)…… like the bonus levels in the old StarFox for SNES with looming, galactic slot-machines and a netherworld flag-rally, outpacing the sandworms.

Here’s an idea…….

However, this is way beyond the scope of “Beetlejuice, himself”……. probably still back on “PONG”, Asteroids, and FoozeBall in like, “the 4-bit swamp” of primordial gaming. If there’s money in it, why not a game on the smart-phone?

Here’s Beetlejuice trying to outpace the desperation of modern existence– you can say he’s being chased by “REMCO, the-goheadandgitit” repossession office for delinquent payments on his junky furniture. More, “my speed”……


“Smokey & The Bandit” lives here….. “Convoy ’77”


Virtual Netherworld, “LEVEL-EDITS”

Attention: K-Mart Shoppers (An Event)

Attention: Hollywood.

My moonshine kicks your cocaine’s ass.

See it now, as southern hard rock outfit Jackyl takes over a K-Mart parking-lot to protest the fact that the chain won’t carry their record. As if “Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics” was the end all, be all of discount box-stores.

So they launched a live publicity-stunt and pulled up in a flat-bed truck to play a concert. Beetlejuice runs thick here like blackberry wine as we set-up a protest outside of the Hollywood mainstream.

Humor me– and my humorous sequel. Construction continues!

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Attention: K-Mart Shoppers (An Event)