Halloween 1987

Mists rising from grates, dark and glistening streets, infinite shadow and mystery.

Things loom large in the magical recesses of a young boy’s brain.

The world is open-ended at that time, dreams and nightmares—and surreal events in the gnarled, twisting unconscious as you’re “carried along” in a larger-than-life fever.

Strange tastes, smells, and sensations—one big “impressionistic montage” as fairy tales live inside.

Scary, exhilarating. . . . . . and wonderfully dangerous.

Life oozes blackly, inexorable and surreal.

Half-glimpsed references, curling back on itself in a dungeon where a bright, gap-toothed bucket of Halloween candy grins in welcome.

Happy Halloween!



And “Happy Birthday” to Winona Ryder. Long Live Lydia Deetz, “QUEEN OF THE DEAD” and Fetching morbid-angel.

Halloween 1987

Too Punk 2-Die






Too Punk 2-Die

Geena Davis as “THE EXORCIST”

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St. Louis. . . . . the grassy outskirts, on the edge of the rising skyline. . . . . WHERE DEMONS WALK THE EARTH.

We may simultaneously be both the most blessed and backwards state in the union when it comes to wild-cat religiosity with all sorts of sanctified holy-rolllers. Casting out demons on local cable access t.v. programs as you could have a mixture of clap-board theater, self-taught demonology, and mental aberration for growling lost souls and any rabble of charity cases.

It’s all about on the production level of Beetlejuice’s yard—like flashing lights, arrow-signs, and checkered flags on the outskirts of civilization—a no man’s land of improvised sales pitches and gravel-pit roads. Like graveyards and landfills across the field from flea-market heaven.

That’s good and all—but when you really have a confounding problem you have to turn it over to the big guns of Western Civilization—The Catholic Church and not the roadside snake-farm.

A bit of ritual is in order. . . . . with the frocks, chalices, and holy water. It perfectly fits in with this town, as St. Louis  speaks of graveyard dirt and haunted, pallorous secrets with breweries, the stinking river, and insane asylums.

And believe it or not, but the actual “Exorcist case” happened here at the old Alextion Bros. Hospital.

Imagine, now—an Alcoholics Anonymous 12-Step program meeting in a boiler-room, somewhere and an old groundskeeper volunteering “his piece”.

“I’m Joe Carletto. . . . . I’m an alcoholic but I don’t believe in any of this ‘higher power’ stuff. This support group may help me, for what it’s worth—but I mostly don’t believe it. THANK-YOU”.

But he couldn’t explain, for the life of him—what actually happened that night back in 1949. He was working maintenance as the excitement went on, upstairs. The only thing he’ll say is that they couldn’t control the temperature of the room as it dipped into freezing hellishness no matter how much they stoked the boilers.

He shakes his head and sits back down. . . . . not saying more.

Except for the child’s head twisting-around 360 degrees, it really happened. Only it was a young boy and not Linda Blair. The knocking beds, the levitating possession victim, the projectile-vomiting.

And now Geena Davis stars in a t.v. show based on the original “Exorcist” movie from 1973. . . . . and you can bet that her co-star, Beetlejuice “saw it 167 times. . . . . and how it keeps getting funnier EVERYTIME HE SEES IT”.

But Geena Davis steals the show, this time. Ever goofy, like a sharp fang and a corona of high-intelligence clarified by her beanpole height and open mind she returns to supernatural television. Read an interview with her—a fun gal to be around.


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Geena Davis as “THE EXORCIST”

April Fool’s Anniversary World Premier

winona_well_dog_my_cats   broken_television

Well, “dog my cats”– Beetlejuice turns 28 today on a Very Special April 1st. No foolin’, thank you to the original cast and crew for pulling-off this surreal exercise in leg-pulling entertainment.

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This Development of a Concept Still goes strong and true, here in St. Louis. “Show Me” a Script from the State of Missouri– “The State of Things”– Even “The State of the Art”. We bring you Revolution!!!!!!

Strike While the Iron is still hot– And always keep visiting this wordpress blog for the high-horror of Here-After Speculation and Fan-Driven Fiction.

The Truth Could Be Scarier– this has a shot of turning into Something, Like a Snowball In Hell or flies on a rib-roast.

triumph_insult_dog  beetlejuice_2

power_glove   minute_maid

April Fool’s Anniversary World Premier

Would you Do Anything for Love?

I would do anything for love. . . . . but I won’t do that.

wpid-wp-1444570283364.jpeg   wpid-wp-1444570807802.jpeg

Think you’re a Screenwriter? Got Voices in your head? An Itchy chigger for the pen? The Complete, consuming need to tell a story?

beetle_ranger fly

Sell your soul for rock & Roll to me as I’m the ticket to a gold-mine. But there’s a Catch, that there in “The Fine Print”.

wpid-wp-1444570673792.jpeg  lydia_exhausted

You’re gonna have to work harder than ever to squeeze out the juice of finer prose.


A real horror story, birthing “The Beast” as some are called, the better chosen like a writer’s determination that borders on “the terrifying”.

   wpid-wp-1444570760408.jpeg  lud_cafe

Fight “Writer’s Block” and have a Happy Halloween. May the Force be With you, always.

     wpid-wp-1444570718144.png smokestacks


Would you Do Anything for Love?

Beetlejuice meets The Undertaker

A spooky, effective entrance– rather “death-obsessed” and perhaps a side avenue in our growing plot. Does “The Undertaker” make a cameo appearance in “Beetlejuice 2”? Well, stock-footage is the only limit as this promo for “Summer Slam ’92” speaks for itself down at the ole’ WWF network. Or correct me– “WWE”.

It is a realm of “tall tales” or what in the business is known as “kayfabe”, a sort of Lone Ranger/Tonto word for “never breaking character” or admitting that the show is just “an act”. Call these wrestlers “madder than method” but they really become these characters as you never surrender the story– and how fans get caught-up in the rivalries.

And we never break character here, up on WordPress– selling you the greatest movie on earth and whooping it up on this corner of the internet– until Warner Bros. comes by and slaps me with an injunction for dancing all over a copyrighted franchise.

So what would that look like in “the legal ring”? Well, Beetlejuice would get dropped like a sack of maggots, breaking the fold-out chair and thoroughly getting his ass trounced by a bigger, fiercer opponent as the audience yawned.

Well, for all of its creativity– this movie fluctuates between vulgar social commentary and then a clever play on the 21st century. Just see that 7-Eleven full of black chrome motorcycles with orange flame decals and an “Eminem-looking figure” downing Mountain Dew in a giant Big Gulp cup, wondering what “the hell you’re talking about”.

And then– the larger circle of an international audience as all will be made to understand– Beetlejuice crunching through the fold-out table.

(– Roll that beautiful clip again)

Slapstick n’ clever plays on culture as this film will truly be a lone stand-out in the movie financing world of creative risk. . . . . .


Never stop believin’, kids.

Beetlejuice meets The Undertaker