Scenic, Twisted Missouri. . . . .


Hobgoblins of telecommunication have knocked-out my internet here in St. Louis– as seen on the national news where flooding is a story. You’ll see lots of rolling, bumpy green hills from the sky-chopper, incidentally “a notion of where Beetlejuice 2” might be filmed.

And what’s this business of creepy clowns? You hear these stories about perverts in the woods messing with kids’ minds as this sounds more like “tall tales” and mass panic.

Though in Eureka we do have our share of weird happenings.

Just think of this place as a township a few miles outside of the city, beyond the county, and deeper in-state. If Lodi, New Jersey produced Glenn Danzig and Aberdeen, Washington calls Kurt Cobain a home-town son, this place would draw a comparison.

Through the haunted woods– you might here stories about hidden meth-labs. . . . . or was it just a hotdog cook-out? Or twisted imbeciles left abandoned in the woods “by their handlers” to pull on car door-handles and garble unintelligibly. . . . .

It is a world of camp-fire lawn chairs and beer coolers where you see the rugged nature of the outback mixed with zany artistic-impulse, like rusty nails dipped in buckets of diet cherry 7-Up and a whole lot of mind-altering drugs for skaters and BBS internet-pirates “back in the day”. Drifters, drift-wood, and homebrew wailing guitar. 1920’s hunting lodges and whorish Bettie Page spanking-gear with bee-stung lips and 1950 Atomic X-mas as told by serial killers like Ed Gein– and rockabilly mutton-chops.

The coldest touch. . . . . like crib death or a toddler with a Frankenstein haircut as it’s “The Munsters” or “Garfield’s Halloween Special” or even “Return to Oz” for green, foaming dark fantasy death with claw-footed bathtubs and the gray, leaden sky out the window.

Beetlejuice would be under the bridge, fishing. His friend, a black, scruffy poodle with giant, swinging, tumorous balls and blind to the world.

Someone call the health department– or maybe the dog-catcher. We don’t know, for who.

As the story goes, “living in a van– down by the river”.

The cops will hose him off in the drunk tank “because of the unbearable smell” and tell him to raft away to the next town. He’s the Missourian vagrant. . . . . or maybe it was Florida.

Moving south for the winter as an itinerant carnival worker if not a kids’ show host on television. Don’t dress up as Chuck’ee-Cheeze and keep a clean police record. . . . .

Scenic, Twisted Missouri. . . . .

Nightmarish Inspiration

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Hey, all.

I thought I’d take this post to talk about an unlikely source of inspiration. Why, my own nightmares growing-up “as a child of the 80’s”. And though scared wide-awake with my horrific, unconscious visions– it occurs to you that some of that stuff would look pretty cool up on screen– or finding a home in Beetlejuice 2.

You never know where inspiration will strike; and these nightmares– occurring 30 years ago, or more– must have been significant because I certainly remember them. It was a time of dungeons, wizards, and warriors as the climate was fantasy and space-opera doom. To think of “The Neverending Story” where the theme was fighting “the nothing” or utter blacked-out extinction with heavy themes. Rough stuff, for a 4 year-old.

I recall giant beasts– subterranean insects– like the blacker shades of dark fantasy, going back into “the reptile-mind” or some kind of sucking, lurching psychological descent. You could see trolls with rubber mouths, pure white-eyes, and slavering fangs coming for you as this “sure wasn’t Walt Disney” but stranger stuff, still.

Forces and instincts and drives conflict, “like a young baby in the midst of teething” as epic battles of survival and good & evil played-out in the midnight hours like cosmic drama, and you’d be afraid to go to sleep at night. And how your parents could never understand.

You wonder if you were staring into a deeper reality, somehow– the land of sub-con like a flip-side dimension of my days of pre-school and “He Man: Masters of the Universe” in the afternoon. Oh, how cartoons and toy-lines dictated our existences as it was something foreign, yet familiar all at the same time.

I’d have images of rocks and trees “coming alive” like demons of the forest, and pursuing my family’s station-wagon through the inky murk. Or giant scorpions blazing an angry shade of orange charging the playground, and myself frozen stock-still as the other children darted away like screeching lemurs. Or striped poison snakes lunging-out from hampers and killing people. Or a circle of stakes where lions roamed with fiery eyes and lashed-out, turning my father into a pile of bones with a swat of its paw.

Scary, enough?

Just watch Tim Burton reshape it as creativity is a collaborative-process.

Did you have horrific children’s nightmares, growing-up? In hindsight, mine were “pretty cool” if reframed into something useful. And still– do you sleep with the light-on, because secretly you suspect H.R. Giger’s “ALIEN” lurks in the basement?

Better keep-it tuned to “Barney & Friends”. . . . .

Nightmarish Inspiration

Congratulations to Winona’s Netflix Bonanza!

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She’s hot, she’s happenin’, she’s making a comeback with a new Netflix original series coming to the internet in 2016! A supernatural-themed genre show with elements of science-fiction and military “mad science”– what better outlet for the actress we know as Lydia Deetz from our very own supernatural fun-house?

Winona can laugh, how she was cast perpetually as teenagers and young people in her stardom-spanning career, but now– gets to play a mother in a vanished-child case that apparently happens sometime back in the 1980’s.

Perhaps an off-shoot of the Reagan SDI program, or “Star Wars”?

Who can guess what the military’s scientific initiatives might be– holograms and sub-channel communications and chaos theory– as you could imagine a window into “the other side” opening-up where the living and “dead next door” frolic in the twilight zone between science and madness where all sorts of strange, horrific entities duck-in.

The best work of Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft would show you a kind of universe filled with huge, monstrous creatures moving around in the indifferent murk of sleepy aeons in an ecosystem of minnows and beast-worshippers unto the grotesque, propulsive force of a vastly-cruel and unknowable universe.

Who knows what our protagonists will encounter in this new series? Since the age of advanced computer-effects, I’m bracing for anything that could actually be possible and brought to our screens.

I’m very excited and happy for Winona. Stay tuned, and we’ll hear more soon.

Congratulations to Winona’s Netflix Bonanza!