Beetlejuice– THE DIRECT ANCESTOR (1986)

Beetlejuice– THE DIRECT ANCESTOR (1986)

Beetlejuice– THE DIRECT ANCESTOR (1986)



Hey, gang.

Having a few problems lining-up, say– an image next to a streaming YouTube video; but we do the best we can and kick-off with the art of “Pushead” who did a lot of gruesome concert t-shirt imagery for that ole’ band, Metallica.

Skulls and nightmares and lots of stringy, hairy rot as a touch of this stuff would look great in “The Netherworld”, where Beetlejuice comes from.

And the hit-song, “Enter Sandman” is like the music the carnies play when you’re riding on the “Tilt-a-Whirl” through a black fun-house of mirrors and strobe lights– truest to CD-sound and some rigged-up speakers.

I thought of this because “Enter Sandman” was about nightmares and other strange stuff that hit you off on a dreamer’s journey, and we can always find some inspirational imagery through hard rock and heavy metal videos like this one.

So Beetlejuice would mildly be into Metallica– or other driving, jean-jacketed FM rock radio hits as a manic promoter. Say, smoking outside of a hootchie-kootchie tent and nodding with his elbow, crooked– a friend on the fair grounds, “like you and me” and ushering you in to the show like chewing-gum charisma and novelty as shallow as the earth is wide, full of glittering spangles and gaudy “bad fun”.

Pulling ’em in– as radio Top 40 becomes the star attraction like cowboy hats, cotton candy, and shit-kicker Brograns as the world is vast– so ignorant and open to suggestion, if you pitch your tale in the right key as what’s truest is torn ticket-stubs and flies buzzing around garbage pails like the smell of rotten ketchup and stale beer.

Many “the scene”, say– outside of a Metallica concert as Beetlejuice is the scoundrel of a 1000 faces, either here– or down at the Tri-City Speedway. . . . .