Bill & Ted go to Hell, Meet the Easter Bunny

A clip from “Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey”, almost entitled “Bill & Ted go to Hell”. . . . . where they meet the easter bunny and practically a Easter family Get-Together, for the entwining of fate & real life.

Party Hearty in the after-world of Contemporary Fantasia!

Will there be a Bill & Ted 3? Make it happen before the dudes end up in a retirement facility, if we see that Beetlejuice sequel first. Let’s see it before Doomsday, itself.

Did you know? Alex Winter (the blonde kid) is actually from St. Louis! Righteous Local alumni!


Even the “Wyld Stallions” have to eat. Enjoy the local St. Louis Loop in University City, right by the Tivoli movie theater where Alex Winter was a special guest at the big film festival a couple of years back. Voted one of the top districts in the nation– have a bite!

Bill & Ted go to Hell, Meet the Easter Bunny

Running Head-Start. . . . . A Screenwriting Contest

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Nothing quite gives you “a kick-in-the-pants” like an actual deadline. So it is– asides from endlessly jotting down script-notes AND ACTUALLY WORKING ON THE SCRIPT. It had to happen sooner or later. Without further delay, handed the opportunity of the season.

The contest was perfect– bootleg “your take” on an actual franchise or character universe, coming up with a cogent story that might get turned into an actual short film if you didn’t swamp the budget with too many special effects.

Read about the contest here:

I had about a week to halfway overall all my notes and come up with a serviceable number of pages. Like, the sheer logistics of it. I geared-up preparation about a week before the October 1st deadline and ended up dumping all writing duties on the very last possible day.

But hark!!– I was prepared and uploaded before midnight, Pacific time with about half an hour to spare. Beyond “just conceptualizing” but actually getting it down.

Personally, I use the “Final Draft” program– and recently upgraded to the newest version– and the interesting thing about that is that it helps you keep up the strict formatting standards that Hollywood must see “if you play in the game”. It takes a little learning, a bit of getting used to– but you’re glad that you followed-through.

This project is finally looking a bit more confident beyond blustering slices of blog-post previews and I can actually see light at the end of the tunnel, on this one. I understand why a script can take a passionate, neurotic, procrastinating “creative-type”, like maybe seven part-time years to get something nailed down, from start to finish.

If you actually complete your screenplay consider yourself a hero in the pantheon of greatness– all most people have is “20 pages”, or so with no idea how to carry the story forward after the first act. They say if you can lay down 2 pages of script a day, “you’re good”. I must have laid-out 12 solid pages for what we will call “The Beetlejuice 2 Teaser” or first part of the movie that can stand alone.

There’s still a lot of surprises up my sleeve. . . . . and I must thank you, the readers for encouraging my thematic boldness. A crowd is wonderful– and you’ve been here the whole time. So it’s “back to the front” and stay tuned for more speculative fiction on all things “Beetlejuice”.

Many are called– fewer are chosen. WE WILL HAVE A FINISHED SCRIPT.

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Running Head-Start. . . . . A Screenwriting Contest

BJ-2 World-View

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The movie we know as BEETLEJUICE is a kind of “feel-good” movie about death as the franchise’s theology about the here-after is no less twisted—a wild, convoluted tale of our universe so much vaster and stranger than we can imagine, yet more true to the day-to-day indignities and drudgery than we could ever guess.

What, you thought “being dead” would be some kind of picnic, or something?

In that gnarled, creepy Tim Burton way— it’s outrageous and dead and so unclean—whether punk-midnight-rebellion or sin is more interesting to an admission-paying audience.

There can’t be light without the opposite, or even absence of light—which is darkness. And as we know-it, populated with demons and aliens and lost-souls like side characters in the on-going parable of survival. Call it “a roll of the dice” when everybody “kind of shows-up” and does the best they can as the greater mysteries may be more a common misunderstanding like missing the bus or not having “your number” at the waiting-room window.

Just because you believe or don’t believe—well, if you start making enough noise eventually someone or something will show-up to investigate. That goes for talking into CB-radios or playing-around with Ouija boards as you might not want to mess-around with that. Corporeal indignities and spiritual energies are not mutually-exclusive as we access hidden, deeper realms of innate psychology—as we self-reinforce ourselves to become a moving body full of the life-force.

Don’t forget that energy comes from a clotted, talking pile of cells and blood and flesh from whence a hunger is asserted, the urge to self-preservation and survival. Hopefully, off to brighter realms. . . . .

Nor should you decide that “the fish-bowl” is turned upside-down and how you’ll die on your own expiring oxygen and cruddy wastes on a waning course of pitiful existence.

I come from a mixed Lutheran/Jewish cultural background which gives you a glimpse into how circles of society interact, as it’s a broader-view than being raised in a mono-culture. With the ability to compare and weigh distinctions, you become a kind of trickster or wandering “gad-about”

There was that book, “Flat-Land” put out by a mathematician in the late 18th century that described how 2-dimensional shapes slide around a flat grid and talk and live there. And how would the world appear to them—if a 3D shape from a higher dimension descended down into their corner of things. If an apple made a guest appearance, the flat figures would only see “slices” of the spherical object dissolving through the table like a mind-warping hallucination.

Postmodernism brings in a collage of clashing world-views, as it least part of something points toward a universal truth—and reality is what happens, whether you agree with it or not. . . . . and even if you close your eyes, it’s still “there”. It doesn’t follow that there’s much purpose behind-it, only that we arrive and move around while in a dream, yet awake.

Maybe that makes me a varied and comical-enough writer to come up with “Beetlejuice 2”.

Back again, soon.

BJ-2 World-View